Website complete launch checklist

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What to check before publishing a website.
For my job, I often analyze and design web sites, e-Commerce systems and online applications. As a Web Project Manager I manage the relationship with the customer and the internal development process. As all the people who actively participated in a web development project, I know that one of the most complex and critical phase is the last one, i.e. the publishing.

The day in which the project goes online, especially when substituting/updating an existing site, is full of stress and pressure coming from several stakeholders: the customer, the boss, the colleagues and, last but not least, the users. In such a scenario, making mistakes is unavoidable (and human), even if all the tests were properly performed. On the other hand, having an optimal working condition would allow to drastically decrease the percentage of these inconvenient mistakes.

For this reason, having a guideline would make us not worried about whether we did everything or not. To better support the publishing  process we can prepare a list of activities which should be checked before and during the publishing phase. Checking the list, being a very mechanical work, limits the possibility of making mistakes and improves our efficiency.

To create the document, I started from my everyday work experience, integrating my initial list with others from Italian and american web operators. The checklist is not supposed to be a final document, but rather an initial work that other people can customize and integrate according to their needs.

I decided to share the document, hoping that it can be reviewed, modified and improved, thanks to everybody’s contribution. The document distribution is free, in PDF format, under the Creative Commons license. The link to download the checklist follows:

Website complete launch checklist (PDF) Click to download the Website complete launch checklist PDF document

What do you think?

Thanks to Marco D’Ambros for the english translation.

5 commenti per Website complete launch checklist
  1. Stephan Wehner Rispondi

    I was going to make a document like that.
    Thanks so much. Some to add:

    * Tested site in mobile devices.
    * Tested with YSlow passed?
    * Site code, and images are backed up (database having a backup schedule)
    * Twitter account activated
    * Blog configured


  2. Thiago Rispondi

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. marlenekk Rispondi

    stephan: ehi, thank you very much for your suggestions!

    thiago: you’re welcome

  4. Justin Rispondi

    Excellent checklist! Have downloaded it an will make use of it.

  5. Internet Commerce Rispondi

    Great post.

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